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Experience the latest leading edge programs that will totally change how you view yourself and the world you operate within. Learn new tools to achieve balance and happiness in your life and unlock your true potential. After completing these programs you will never be the same again!

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Ripple Energetics™ Introductory Seminar

This introductory workshop gives an overview of how Ripple Energetics™ works and how it can be applied to understanding yourself and the world you operate within. Suitable for anyone wanting to have some fun and walk away with a greater understanding of how these tools and techniques can help you change your life.

Ripple Energetics™ Creating your Destiny

This workshop is for everyone! Learn how to create the destiny you have always wanted! Using the Ripple Energetics™ model and Neuro Linguistic Programming Techniques discover your innate potential for greatness and set yourself a plan to achieve it. During the workshop you will work through any self-limiting beliefs and blocks and remove them so you are successful in finding and living your purpose for being here.  At the completion of this workshop you will have your very own 'roadmap' that you have created to step forward into the destiny you have always wanted.

Once you have completed this workshop all our participants have the option of their very own personal 'coach' to support them on their journey.  (Please note the personal coaching cost is not included as part of the course fee).

Ripple Energetics™ for Health and Wellbeing

This workshop is for everyone.  Do you suffer from stress or tension or just simply want to learn techniques to relax?  It is a fun and interactive workshop that will teach you tools and techniques to support you in your day to day life, now and in the future.  You will never look back.  Come and join us now!

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"Change is inevitable, Growth is intentional."

- Glenda Cloud