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"This course went above and beyond what I expected. This was an awesome course and very well suited to the Corporate World".
- Head of Operations, Participant of Ripple Energetics™ for Business 


"I had the pleasure of attending the Ripple Energetics Seminar and had so much fun and was amazed how much I learnt in the two hours we had. The material was presented in a really engaging and interesting way that satisfied my need to understand and allowed me to expand my world view at the same time. I would thoroughly recommend if you had the chance, to attend one of their workshops"  
- Laura Participant of Ripple Energetics™ Introductory Seminar in Canada 


"From a corporate perspective, one of the benefits of this course is that it gives you more tools to increase your self awareness of how your energy impacts others. By practising the tools and skills covered in the course, I feel I will be able to further develop my coaching mentoring skills. It fits perfectly into our strategy."
- General Manager, Banking Operation –Participant of Ripple Energetics™ Creating Balance & Harmony in the Workplace


"What I love is the fact that my little boy is using this technique to help him get to sleep and I have seen other small differences too in the way in which he behaves and handles himself. It would be great to see these methods being taught to children. Imagine if a group of children who suffer from ADD could be taught how to enter into a state of deep relaxation or if you were able to run workshops in schools!"
- Wendy Mother of two, Change Manager, Retail Bank, Participant in  Ripple Energetics™ Balance & Harmony  


"The whole session felt great from the word go. You both made the whole atmosphere so relaxed and enjoyable from the start and it was so exciting to be learning about a subject I feel makes us better both personally and professionally.  Your passion for the subject is really obvious and I think that is what make the course so successful. Hopefully what we learnt is rubbing off on a day to day basis. I personally think it did make us all stop and think, and although we can't change everything overnight I think we now have some of the tools to keep moving forward and make things better and better."
- Kim, Unichem, Participant for Ripple Energetics™ for Teams 


"Fantastic Course...Great Facilitation...A total enjoyable experience...very beneficial THANK YOU !!! "
- Participant, Ripple Energetics™ Creating Balance & Harmony in the Workplace


"You all made everyone feel at ease. I am usually so nervous during courses or with people I don't know but I felt so safe and the environment was really calm, warm and welcoming. That was the environment you all created. Perhaps warn people that they will get so relaxed and excited at the same time (if that's possible) that they may try and take what they have learned home or to work. The session was a well paced cathartic journey of learning and self discovery".
- Participant,  Ripple Energetics™ for Teams


"An absolutely delightful and insightful presentation that caused me to re-look at the way I think about my life and my business. It's sometimes easy to fall into the trap of the "doing-ness of life" and before you know it, you are not paying attention and the Universe gives us that "big clue" to tune back in. Both Tracey and Caroline's presentation was most certainly the "big clue" that the Universe sent me that day so I can create a new way of being. They both kept me riveted to my chair - totally awake, very alive, roaring uproariously, and nodding my head to all the reminders that I needed to hear that is causing me to change my way of thinking. Well done girls! Keep up the great work!.
- Marsha, Owner Imagine Design, Ripple Energetics™ Introductory Seminar, Canada


"Ripple Energetics is an innovative company. It speaks to the core of business: the well-being of the employee. The Ripple Energetics workshop has a creative and fresh approach. The best words to describe their work is unique, effective and incredible. Attending a workshop of this calibre is a wonderful experience."
- Liz, Owner Bed & Breakfast, Ripple Energetics™ Introductory Seminar, Canada


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