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Our programs are specifically designed for children and also to support School educational programs.  They focus on Ripple Energetics™ Philosophies and bring these to life for the children in a very fun and interactive way.  There is a strong focus on Communication. Teaching about the Power of Words and Thoughts.  The programs are designed to teach the children as well as the parents and teachers.

Experience the latest leading edge programs that will totally change how you view yourself and the world you operate within. Learn new tools to achieve balance and happiness in your life and unlock your true potential. After completing these programs you will never be the same again! Join us now!

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Ripple Energetics™ Introductory Workshop

This introductory workshop brings to life for the children Ripple Energetics™.  We use many fun and interactive methods to teach children the power of what they think, feel, say and do.  It is fun for children of all ages and their families and school colleagues will enjoy it as well.

A fun and interactive way to create a greater understanding of how our we can create a strong and healthy life.

Ripple Energetics™ Communicating with Power

This workshop teaches children the power of what we say, hear, feel and think.  It brings a new way of focussing on positive communication to create positive outcomes for all.  It teaches children that the power resides in them and is specifically focused to reduce the impacts of any form of bullying.  The workshops are tailored to the specific age groups of the children involved.

Ripple Energetics™ for Health and Wellbeing

A fun and interactive workshop teaching simple techniques and tools for children to help create a healthy lifestyle.  It focuses on all aspects from the Physical to the Mental and Emotional dimensions.  This is done using many different games and techniques to support the understanding of the interactions between what we do, what we think, what we say, what we feel and what we hear.  Fun for children of all ages.

Ripple Energetics™ for  our Animal friends

This workshop is for anyone who cares about their relationship with their animal companions and wants to understand how to connect to them better. Learn how energy works and why that's important to our animals. Learn how to look at new ways to bring balance and harmony into your animal's life and how they bring this to you.

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"The more that you read, the more things you will know.  The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."

- Dr Seuss